Richer insights, deeper connections

Let's talk about a more powerful customer journey by keeping users inside of your ecosystem as a fintech. Today users jump around to understand their financial profile.

We enable them to stay in one place creating deeper connections.


Innovate, innovate, innovate

We make it fast - we enable innovation to take place without having to take a lot of dev resources away from the core product mission.


    Financial Wellness

    Don’t settle for one-and-done ad or affiliate revenue. Grow LTV with Array credit and identity tools — build stronger, longer-lasting relationships with users. Foster more valuable experiences to keep your business growing.


    Increase User Retention

    Fintechs need to find ways to get new customers and retain existing customers. One method of doing this is to provide credit tools (e.g. reports, mechanisms for dispute) within their own apps. Array allows for fast and easy implementation . This creates enhanced customer experiences without the capital intensive efforts of building new credit tools.


Integrated tools, innovative experiences

Build out integrations in hours with pre-built web and native components. Simply customize your theme — fonts, headers, colors, spacing and more.

  • Credit Score Simulator

    Help users understand how and why certain decisions affect their credit

  • Credit Report 3 Bureau + Score

    Allow users to pull their credit reports from all three bureaus

  • Credit Score Tracker

    Allow users to track their progress to see what changes, when

  • Credit Protection

    Give users the power to protect their identities by locking their credit in an instant

  • Credit Alerts

    Keep users in the know with customized credit alerts when new accounts are opened

  • Dark Web Monitoring

    Users can scan the web for fraudulent uses of personal information


    A complete suite of tools for fintech

    Array offers the most comprehensive set of data tools to forward-thinking fintechs.

    Attributes, simulators, scores and more are available as embeddable components, white labeled sites and APIs.

    Take the next step forward

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