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Your employees will have access to Credit Monitoring, Credit Report & Score, Credit Score Simulator, Credit Feeze, and Fraud Alert Assistance.

The more they know about their financial health, the better off they are in life and at work.


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    Financial Wellness


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Use Cases

Get the most for every employee

We're in the business of helping people improve their credit and financial health. We have the tools to make it happen.

  • Credit Services
  • Identity & Financial Monitoring
  • Advanced Tools
  • Resolution Services

Help your employees protect their financial data

Our complete suite of credit, financial and identity products lets you empower employees.

These tools are easy to implement.

  • Credit Score Tracker

    Find scenarios and make smart moves to impact credit scores.

  • Credit Report Monitoring

    Get a complete picture of one’s credit and score from all three bureaus.

  • Credit Report Lock

    Remove and improve items negatively impacting credit scores.

  • Financial Accounts Monitoring

    Enable a credit lock to control new applications and inquiries and boost security.

  • Dark Web Monitoring

    See daily changes to credit reports at all three credit bureau.

  • Password Manager

    Understand how credit scores evolve and improve over time.

    • 1 in 18
      Employees were victims of identity theft
    • 16.9B
      Total identity fraud reached 2019
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