You need to innovate — deliver smart, sustainable ways to create new value for uses so they continue to return. But you’ve got limited bandwidth and no off-the-shelf credit or financial solution in sight.

We can help with that.


Change the rules of the game

Through credit alerts, monthly reports and score simulators, Array helps your users better understand their financial well-being and learn what it takes to improve their position over time. Whether your users are coming back to stay on top of their credit, or they need to be guided toward a specific goal, our embedded tools make it easy for them to return.

Empower users with a better view of their credit.

screenshot of solution

A clear focus on engagement

Instantly tap into hundreds of credit attributes to help customers understand their credit, learn how to improve it, and take advantage of offers that are relevant to their profile.

Offer users a better experience with personalized financial insights and recommendations.


Your focus, your market, your tools

No matter where your business focuses or what’s on your to-do list, Array offers a whole range of personalized credit and financial data tools to help you grow your business.

Create engaging experiences. Expand revenue possibilities. Implement it all with ease.

Take the next step forward

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