Product Benefits

Your all-in-one
integrated solution

Engage & Delight

What if you could increase user engagement, retention and LTV by embedding smart new features into your product in just a few steps? Our embedded data tools drop directly into your product, allowing you to empower users with personalized information about their credit and financial wellbeing.

They’ll love you for it, and they’ll come back for more.

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Make it work your way

Array is super flexible and easy to customize. From colors and fonts to functionality and features, you can tailor the experience to fit flawlessly with your product, then adapt it based on your unique audiences.

The experience is as effortless for you as it is engaging for users.

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Bypass the backlog

With Array, we do the heavy lifting to ensure you get to market in days, not months. Once implemented, our tools are designed so you can continue to optimize them yourself — no need to rely on your developer.

Test. Refine. Repeat. That's how you make the experience better, faster.

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