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Available Features

Get what you need. Pay for what you use. Charge for what you want.

  • ID Theft Insurance

    Up to $1M of protection against identity theft * terms and conditions apply



  • ID Restoration

    White-glove assistance restoring compromised identity



  • Dark Web Monitoring

    Scan the web for fraudulent use of your personal information



  • SSN Monitoring with SSN Action Alerts

    Detect and prevent identity theft occurring outside of credit bureaus’ vision



  • Change of Address Alerts

    In partnership with the USPS, detect and alert when there has been an unauthorized change of address



    Earn loyalty through security

    When you help users continue to stay safe, they keep coming back for more.

    Dark Web Monitoring

    We scan millions of servers, online chat rooms, message boards and websites across all sides of the web to detect fraudulent use of your users’ personal information. We alert them instantly if their identities are compromised.

    SSN Monitoring

    We monitor your users’ SSNs in real-time, detecting usage across a variety of situations including loan applications, employment and healthcare records, tax filings, online documents signings and payment platforms. Users receive immediate alerts so they can proactively control their identities.

    Change of Address

    We help catch unauthorized changes to your users’ current or past addresses by monitoring the National Change of Address (NCOA) database and U.S. Postal Service records. If a change occurs, we notify them the moment it happens.

    Resolve with confidence

    We help you protect users against almost any identity threat.

    Up to $1M ID Theft Insurance

    Our industry-leading protection, with zero deductible, reimburses you for lost wages, legal defense and expenses, and other costs associated with restoring your identity.

    Lost Wallet & ID Restoration

    Our lost wallet service provides white glove service to help consumers navigate the maze of items that affect them when they lose their wallet or purse.

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      Go Live in Days

      Intuitive components that can be integrated into flow with a few lines of code.

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      Choose who gets the tools

      Use highly customizable targeting logic to surface relevant offers for each customer.

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      Only Pay for Usage

      Pay only when your customers engage with the offers.

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      100% FCRA Compliant

      Tools and targeting logic are architected to be compliant with regulations.

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