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Step One

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Reach out for access

Create an account, add your application and retrieve your API tokens to get started.


Step Two

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Embed components into your app

Deliver a seamless experience in your app by embedding customizable components directly into it.


Step Three

timeline4 hours

Register for platform notifications

Choose multiple options to measure user engagement such as configuring a URL to receive webhooks or listening for component events.

Product Managers & Marketers

From concept to reality in days.


Step One

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Select your feature set

Use our plan builder to create the perfect offering for your users and app.


Step Two

timeline4 hours

Customize component styles

Align all aspects of the experience with your existing brand identity and product design.


Step Three

  • timeline3 hours


    Deploy your components with just a few lines of code.

  • or
  • timeline1 day

    White Label

    Go-live with user-ready website tailored to your brand.

Deployment Options

Introducing three easy ways to make the most of Array

  • White Label

    Empower users with a fully-branded credit insights suite. Give peace-of-mind with credit reports, tracking, monitoring and score simulation.

    Offer the portal free or upsell it. Whatever your strategy, we can support it.

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  • Embedded

    Seamlessly integrate web and mobile components into your own app. Customize which tools you give users.

    Give consumers unique value and keep them coming back.

    See library

  • API

    Create a tailored experience with the Array platform API. Measure engagement via webhooks and notifications. Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.

    Fully control the experience you give your users.

    See docs

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    Go Live in Days

    Intuitive components that can be integrated into flow with a few lines of code.

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    Choose who gets the tools

    Use highly customizable targeting logic to surface relevant offers for each customer.

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    Only Pay for Usage

    Pay only when your customers engage with the offers.

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    100% FCRA Compliant

    Tools and targeting logic are architected to be compliant with regulations.

  • Need advice?

    Learn how to make the most of Array for your business.

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