Personalized credit scores and identityprotection

BeWise Financial had an imperfect way to present offers to customers: generate and funnel leads through a series of questions, then present offers based on consumers (unreliable) answers. BeWise needed real data to make it easy to make the right offer at the right time. That’s where we came in.

BeWise fully embedded the Array data-sets and features into the enrollment funnel, and it drove superior conversion and a sticky product to keep leads engaged. Lifetime value of every lead reached a whole new level.


Continued growth

As the conversions grew, the inclusion of additional features from Array’s vast library of benefits and data created a full credit and identity theft product.

This allowed BeWise Financial to become a destination product for leads which would’ve previously been a one-and-done. Prospects were now able to be communicated with regularly, and decisions on what to offer were made continuously over their lifetime.

  • White Label Solution

    Enhance your product experience and increase user loyalty with our easy-to-integrate, highly-customizable white label credit solution.

  • Better targeting

    Segment leads with greater precision, design more targeted offers — get the most from your product and your clients.


We’re growing with them

Since BeWise started working with, Array tens of thousands of customers have engaged the product and enjoyed the full features offered in the credit and identity theft space. The product is infinitely scalable and new product sites can be stood up in days.

In this trusted partnership, BeWise relies on Array to provide industry-leading support while they focus on the business of delivering and converting timely offers to improve their customers’ lives.

  • Standardize


    of users return within 90 days

  • Standardize

    10% +

    Targeted offers conversion rate

  • Standardize

    3.5 days

    for new product build


A whole new level of competition

In a very short timeframe, BeWise has been able to step into a furiously competitive space and hold their own. Letting the team at Array drive the data and features has allowed them to focus on their expertise in converting offers.

The future is bright for BeWise thanks to Array. The product suite continues to grow and the financial futures of their customers keeps getting better.

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